Considerations as you continue.

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  • Hosting & Server Decisions
    It should come as no surprise that where and how you serve your web site can make a big difference. Look here for things to remember.
  • Getting Going on the Web
    You can benefit greatly by not trying to launch all of your internet desires in one fell swoop. Using a tiered approach may help keep you sane.
  • Online Sales & Marketing
    Actually making money on the web still reigns as the most requested avenue for all but the largest corporations. Assess your options here.
  • Integrating Your Dynamics
    Making the web truly work for a business will require you to structure your online presence to adapt as your company changes and grows.

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Options don’t have to mean mass confusion. Really.

Whether you're anticipating your first web venture, or looking to revitalize an outdated or unsuccessful effort, this page can actually serve as a good example of how you can approach the project. It doesn’t take much looking around on Web Dot Calm before you see that we’ve approached this page in a fundamentally different way. Displaying much more of a corporate structure than you’re used to seeing here, we actually based the design with the very economical approach of using a template to begin our work.

Online stores, and eCommerce in general, probably still make up the bulk of the “template” approach today. Having said that, more and more small and medium-sized companies are using “content management” skeletons to handle not only their web marketing, but also to keep their customers informed and allow them an easy access to interact with the company.


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