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  1. Envision

    en-VIZH-uhn: To formulate a mental image, primarily relating to future events.
  2. Enlighten

    en-LEYE-tun: To bring or enhance comprehension and enjoyment.
  3. Entertain

    en-ter-TAYN: Focusing attention, primarily in a desired way or toward a predictable end.

The Web can have many faces. The real trick comes in allowing people to see a face of your business that both differs from your competition, and captures their attention positively.You need to balance the "dazzle" quotient with an appreciation that people will ultimately need to navigate through your message. Good web sites can be a significant part of an advertising campaign, and budget. Very rarely, though, can they effectively constitute the entire scheme.

Remember, however, even with the most eloquent and convincing pitch on the web, if no one can find it, you've wasted time, effort, and probably money.

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