Bringing Serenity from the Chaos of Web Development

At least that's the theory.

A Few "Bytes" on Cyberspace Bits

We need to be right up front about our intentions here. Although we have been working on the web since 1998, in this initial venture into "self" promotion, we have distinctly NOT tried to make a traditionally cohesive "site" here. In no way would we ever recommend that a client take the wildly diverse approach represented on WebDotCalm as they go forward in the World Wide Web Arena. Rather, we have specifically designed around some very different thematic approaches in this site.

We intend that you take the various applications you'll find in WebDotCalm as a basis for thinking about styles or functions that you like. Remembering that this goal served as the motivation for the display here will help make us not seem quite as crazy as it might appear once you start jumping from one design feel to another. It probably won't make us seem completely sane, but often times "not crazy" seems a worthy accomplishment all by itself. It's good to have simple goals.


We have a number of clients that actually come to us for copy writing, and as you can already tell, we have a penchant for the written word. If you've come to this site, you have already begun to give serious thought to alternatives within your Web approach, and consequently it seems prudent to risk an overabundance of text, rather than fail to provide a sufficient foundation for your considerations.

That said, we should provide one more "fundamental" thought for you to keep in mind as you get through the rest of this demonstration site. Should we end up working together you will possibly grow weary of hearing, "What are we trying to do here?" from us. But if you think about it, if we don't know where you're going, it becomes difficult to know how to help you.


Digital "advertising" — for lack of a better term — has a fundamental difference from physically printed material. People have very short attention spans on the web, having become very used to just clicking away without really focusing on much of the content on a page a lot of the time. You can turn a page in a magazine or newspaper, but those don't have the ubiquitous specter of the Back Button in a browser.

Consequently, if you're thinking about the web from a business perspective, HOW you approach your presentation becomes maybe even more important than WHAT exactly you need to get across. Without trying to state the obvious here, you can't get any kind of message (or sale) across if you can't get people to spend more than a few seconds on your pages. That's where we come in.

So enjoy your time looking at various options we demonstrate, and (as we've said too much perhaps) please remember that we are not trying to make a cohesive site with this effort. If we can get you to think about how to present your own business on the Web in a slightly different way, we have then accomplished our goal here.

As a bonus, if you look toward the bottom of the Multimedia page you can figure out why we have a Flash Animation of a couple of headless chickens playing … um … chicken.

Carry on, lest we be carrion.

"Perception" and "Perspective" may be close, but rarely identical.


Caveat Enter

If you read anything on this page, you can fairly quickly deduce that, as with almost all aspects of life, there are varying degrees of geekdom too. We do things a little bit differently here. Quite honestly, that works wonderfully toward keeping it fun.

As a bit of an initial background, we should mention that while we can (and have) done web work from relatively minor code revisions necessary to bring existing sites up to W3C Compliance Standards and government accessibility rules, we are at heart a Custom Design and Development firm.

Many less custom applications exist within the Web Development world, however, and we don't want to imply that we never tackle those kinds of challenges.

We have done substantial work in modifying templates in the proper situation, ecommerce and larger content management applications being the examples that come most quickly to mind. And we also have set up "maintenance contracts" (for lack of a better term) for clients that don't have in-house web teams.

In addition almost everyone here has been known to jump into one kind of a pure photography or Flash animation role, those types of jobs being by definition relatively limited in scope as compared to full site creation or modification.

If you have any thoughts along these lines, please don't hesitate to contact us about that either.



Oh, and for the graphically oriented among us, we occasionally play with a variety of intro pages to this site that fill a more "artsy" niche, for lack of a better term. If you'd like to see one of the most recent examples, you might click on the link below. It will just take you to basically a side entrance here, and then you can come back in and look around.

Sometimes you just want to play with pictures. Have you noticed?

Our Demonstration Dachshund
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