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Event & Point of Purchase Advertising

As of yet no one has come to us seeking to launch a brand new multi-million-dollar international ad campaign aimed at setting new cultural moirés for the next decade. We find that sad, but have learned to live with the disappointment by having great fun with advertising cards, flyers, various “give-away” products, and of course web banners of all shapes and sizes.

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Getting Technical About It

Back in the day, we did quite a bit of Flash work, which aside from gaming applications has taken a beating in the development world as you probably know. The potential for much of the “animation” functionality has evolved into the html5 world, and our most recent efforts have focused in this area. As the samples probably illustrate, we somehow became quite popular for “Tag Line” Advertising. We most often use our own photography, but also delve into stock art and graphics should the situation present itself. We mainly “do” handouts for conventions, night clubs, or trade shows, but on occasion handle more traditional ads for billboards or metro bus display.