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Digital Asset Management

Representing a Database Management System with an illustration presents quite a challenge. By definition they defy the whole “photographic” concept, yet they play a critical role in the WebDotCalm evolution over the past couple of years. Essentially we custom build systems for any kind of asset management you might envision. We started with relatively simple digital coordination for the myriad of various pieces of a motion picture production, including everything from script elements and shot lists to even crew and cast schedules and accounting. Most recently we created a complete (and necessarily complex) broadcast management system for a major international cable network, although the technology can easily adapt to most any VOD or subscription transmission.

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Getting Technical About It

Each of the systems we have built thus far operates off of a web interface, although obviously that need not necessarily always be the case. If a “trick” exists in developing these sorts of custom applications, it lies in the understanding of the aggregate process involved. Bottom line, the User Interface has to be efficient and almost completely intuitive for the people that use our system to implement it. As we pointed out, while quite difficult to take a “picture” of a database management application, good ones help groups keep track of everything they produce in this digital world. They also let people get on with the much more “fun” creative aspects of their chosen professions. … Apparently some people fail to see the enjoyment inherent in finely coordinated code. Odd, that.