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Corporate Video Specific to Task

We developed this project for display at an Interop Convention in Las Vegas. Consequently we needed to consider that most people would be wandering by the monitor for only a few seconds, and that odds were very good that they could not hear the audio track at all in that environment. We do a significant amount of video production work, and like anything else in development, if you know your goals before you begin, it makes determining the route to the destination much easier to deduce.

Getting Technical About It

Relevant to this specific commercial, we went from absolutely nothing prepared or compiled and an instruction of “Do something cool,” to the completed HD work in exactly three weeks. This longer version played at the booth, and we also output three smaller cuts for different areas on the web site — in addition to a 30-second spot to run for other advertising. Total cost ended up less than half the price of a good used car. What we lacked in budget we compensated for with fun.