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Retail Store

Approaching their web presence with more of a local advertising philosophy, this “Brick and Mortar” establishment employs a modern understanding of the successful retail process, including local print media, digital Analytics analysis and an active email marketing campaign. This part of the web strategy focuses on encouraging potential customers from a vast Los Angeles metropolitan area to visit the distinctive boutique in the suburbs of Pasadena. We have an eCommerce solution in the works once we settle upon a method of tracking inventory across the two distinct outlets.

Getting Technical About It

We created the custom site a couple of years ago now, but even back then we structured the design to essentially operate within a “tablet” layout. Obviously we included a section with the Google Maps API because they have a physical store they wish people to visit. Because of the nature of retail and a constantly evolving inventory, this site updates a lot. Although not the norm for us, we serve as the actual “webmaster” for this client and handle all of the updates. In addition we do 90% of the actual product photography and all of the Photoshop work. Just so you know, price tags can be a real pain.