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We can tend toward prose-happy around here anyway, so when we come upon a massive and hugely important topic like “video on the web” it can be a frightening experience. For these brief purposes, suffice it to say that the number of ways that one can put video on the web nearly equals the number of videos on the web. How one should accomplish the task, well that would be why you have us.

Investigating Technique

Technically we produced this music video as a spin-off from a horror movie for which we did the photography and web work. The shoot itself only took a day, but the edit probably went on about a month, all things said and done. We could have done it internally in a week; however, in this case we had “assistance” from the star of the music group. He did learn a great deal, though, so that’s a bonus.

Depending upon the size of your viewing monitor, you may see an “HD Video Overlay” option linked below. Doing video “properly” on the web can take serious work. For example, this Web 2.0 version of WebDotCalm has video options on three different pages. In order to serve that video with an eye toward both bandwidth costs of hosting as well as end-user experience based on device, we did 29 (yep, twenty nine) different compressions for the site.

HD Video Overlayed