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Independent Film

Technically the web code part of this project came to us with substantially more structure than most of our gigs. Working for the production company, our lead photographer had taken the shots on set, and the job for going forward with the web development originated there. The producers had an accomplished art director in place, along with a graphic artist boasting a unique style of bright colors and the wonderfully campy elements seen throughout the site (and the movie). Honestly, most horror movie killers do not walk around with a Polaroid camera strapped to their head to capture a record of their gruesome deeds.

Getting Technical About It

Everyone appreciates a good “Declaration of Independence.” Developed back in the “Dark Ages” of 2008, as a purely technical matter this site builds from a structure that we would never use anymore. We decided to include it here as a demonstration of effectively working Flash seamlessly into a more traditional environment. Despite CSS and Javascript animations having moved heavily into modern development, the fact remains that Flash can still do some things that the other technologies cannot. Of course if you look at one of these sites on an iOS device, it will make you sad. … Now regarding this site specifically, if you do decide to click the link and look at it, do be aware of the nature of a horror film in general. Utilizing a quote from a different context, you should know there will be blood.