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Health Care

Traditional businesses find themselves looking at expanded marketing and customer service avenues as society evolves more and more within a purely digital framework. Clearly no one with any plan for a level of success moving into the next generation can look at their industry the same way they may have been doing for decades. Even something as presumably staid as the insurance industry has taken an active approach in targeting the needs and requirements of a decidedly more mobile client base. Although this specific incarnation of the site more or less presumes a “desktop” customer involvement, plans are in the works for a streamlined responsive solution, at least for active clients. More and more even large businesses have found a need to interact with their customers via mobile technology.

Getting Technical About It

Although requiring very modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding techniques, the visual elements of this project came almost exclusively from an outside graphic designer. We did our usual magic with video and a bit of javascript, but from a purely technical standpoint the most challenging aspects of the effort centered around integrating with a (by law) very restrictive medical records database. The affiliate program module also presented some unique quirks in implementation due primarily to the same constraints on the core records.